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Games are hard

Kieran here. I’ve written a ton of programs over the last few decades. Writing games is particularly challenging. There’s animation, audio, 3D models, physics, player control, spawning, UI… there’s just so many things to deal with, and each one is something that can go wrong.

Bugs are a fact of life in Game World. Yesterday, I was playing Far Cry 6, a AAA-big-millions-of-dollars-hundreds-of-people game. Here are some screenshots from it.

Beast in rock

I killed a beast that wanted to eat me. Its corpse merged with a rock.

It might be a problem with a mesh collider, not matching the mesh on the object it’s associated with. My guess is the rock is the offender, since I’ve killed beasties like this before, and the issue didn’t appear.

Swimming in a pool, I came across this strange triangle. Most 3D models are made up of triangles, so this one might be left over from a nearby object.

The color is likely from a default texture, rather than a real bitmap.

Strange triangle
Invisible soldier

An invisible soldado. You can only see it, since the legs are occluded by a rise in the road, and occluded bits are rendered with a transparent red version of the soldado model.

Sometimes, I’ve had invisible soldados shooting at me! Ack!

Oh, they could be soldadas, since FC6 is gender neutral.

To be clear, I’m not complaining. There are many thousands of objects in FC6. They interact with each other in millions of ways. The chance that there are no bugs is asymptotically close to zero.

Games are hard.

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