Friends, food, and flourishing


We’re looking for feedback on the game. You can:

  • Use Discord. What we prefer, since others can see your feedback, and talk about it. You can include screen shots, and upload the debug log. Deets below.
  • Give feedback in the game. Deets below.
  • Use the form on this page.

You can include screenshots and movie files in the form below, but not in the in-game feedback form.

If you want to talk, use Discord, or put your email address, and add “Let’s talk!” or some such in the feedback message.
(We use reCAPTCHA 3 on the form to scare spambots away. Curse you, Spammy the Bot!)

Press Tab or Esc to get the main menu. Choose Suggestion:

We’d like permission to maybe include your suggestion on this website. If that’s OK, check the box, and fill in the attribution, that is, who the suggestion is from. Use your real name, a handle, or leave it blank (then we’ll say something like “Anonymous tester”). Though your actual name would be better. You can also include a URL.

Each time CK runs, it makes log files. In the folder where you unzipped the game, there’s a folder called “Cryptid Kitchen_Data”, and inside that, there’s a folder called “logs”:

The files record the game’s actions, like when animals are created. They don’t have any data identifying you. They’re regular text files. Double-click on one, if you want to see what’s inside.

If you find a bug, please zip the log files folder, and upload it on the feedback page on this site, or the game’s Discord server. (If you don’t know how, don’t worry about it.) You can also email them to kieran at That will help us track the bug down, and squish it.

Oh, there’s also a folder called “saves”. If you want to erase your saved games (maybe the game won’t start right), delete the files in that folder.

Some things we’d like to know:

  • Is the game fun and relaxing? Does it make you think?
  • The focus on flourishing. Do you like that? Think people will type in their own notes? Would you?
  • Flourishing ideas we should add?
  • Other people we should ask for feedback?
  • Bugs?
  • What would you tell your friends about CK, if they asked?
  • How would you improve CK?

There’s a way to go before the flourishing content is complete. The Japanese garden is there, and a camp with stuff on optimism, agency, and exercise. A section on learning efficiently will be added soon.

There are two tiny towns you can check out. The entrance to one is in the village. The entrance to the other is near a farm, with a wheat field.

The Crystal Forest will be a nexus for player interaction. Showing art, stories, maybe comfort food recipes. Thoughts on how to do that? Similar things you’ve seen?

The field outside Matcha’s restaurant will eventually have growing plants that Matcha can harvest.

The pirate ship will have rabbits on it. Because… reasons.

Other cool things we could add?