Friends, food, and flourishing

The game

Black Dog smiling

Yo! I’m Black Dog, one of Matcha’s cryptid friends.

Cryptid Kitchen is a cozy game, in a friendly cartoon world. Help Matcha explore her island, like this forest.


Matcha can run fast, and jump high. She even has a friendly bird she can ride, to make exploring easier.

A bird Matcha can ride

Matcha has a restaurant on the island. She cooks for her friends. Here’s Wendigo, waiting to place an order.

Wendigo waiting to order

That’s me! I love the dorayaki, though everything’s good. Many noms! Matcha’s a great cook.

Matcha can find ingredients all over the island, like these nuts, dropped by a friendly deer.

Friendly deer dropped some nuts

Matcha gets more recipes when she does things like helping her friends. She listens to our troubles, and gives advice. It might work, or it might not.

Life is hard to predict

Hi, I’m Mothman. I’m all about the flourishing stuff in the game. Flourishing is, like, how to live a complete life. There’s lots of research on what the good life is. For example, people who are satisfied with their lives tend to have long-term interdependent relationships with their partners. That’s interdependent, not independent.

There are knowledge nuggets around the island, related to flourishing. You can type in your own thoughts, and, if you want, share them with your friends, or with everyone.

Dimensions of flourishing

Learning about flourishing has helped me think about my job, my family… everything.

I’m also more at peace with the little irritations of life. I’ve learned how the meat in our heads works, and why I used to get so ticked off about trivial things. Once you understand why that happens, it’s easier to not let stuff get to you.

Cactus Cat

Mothman, my dude, I feel ya.

I’m Cactus Cat, singer in a band with Black Dog. I like to draw, and write stories, and Cryptid Kitchen has given me some good ideas for my art. I’ve shared some with the CK community, in the art gallery. The entry to the gallery is in a place with strange magic.

Art gallery

I’ve never seen a game do what CK does. Yeah, I know I could read a buncha books on flourishing, but… yeah. I like CK’s vibe. It’s fun. It’s happy. It’s deep.

Try it. There’s nothing like it.

You can read about the motivation for the game on the about us page.