Friends, food, and flourishing

Cryptid Kitchen is special

Cryptid Kitchen is two things.

First, it’s a cozy game, in a friendly cartoon world. Help Matcha explore her island, like this forest.


Second, it helps you learn about flourishing. The good life. Being a complete person.

CK collects research on belonging, close relationships, serving something greater than yourself, and other things that help people live full lives. It also has special topics, like depression and religion, that only apply to some people.

What you do with the information is up to you. Improve your life. Help people you love. Among the hundreds of knowledge nuggets in the game, you’ll find some you can use.

You’ll disagree with some of what’s in the game. That’s OK. Take some information, and leave the rest.

You can send us suggestions in the game. Got some ideas? Please pass them on.