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Forward renderer problem

The problem

Working on lighting for the ELIS Kresge, I ran into a lighting problem. Here’s a screenshot, with some elements hidden.

 Left light off

The center and right lights are on, the left one off.

If I move the camera a little to the right…

Left light on

… the left light turns on.


I messed around for a while, turning things on and off, changing baking modes for lights, everything I could think of.

The solution (for me, in this case, YMMV)

After yet more googling, I found this post, with the solution:

My guess is that you are using Forward rendering on the camera. It has a max number of light setting. Real time lights are expensive in forward mode.

Try to switch to deferred on the camera. see if that helps.

It worked!

Now, with lighting that isn’t Weird, I’ll continue to experiment.

It just shows how one setting out of hundos can throw a game off.


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