Friends, food, and flourishing


Teaching references

Today I was talking with Chad Bousley, an instructional designer at Oakland University, about ID. Chad knows Many Things about ID and other stuff. It

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Cryptid Kitchen explores many aspects of flourishing. Content is grouped into topic areas. Knowledge nuggets about manhood are in Tiny Burning Town. Like every area,

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A viable animal stack

From an earlier post: I love animals, especially doggos. I’d like to come up with ways to make intelligent animals, methods I can use across

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Simple content size fitter use

Notes to myself on Unity’s content size fitter (CSF) component. It’s a layout component for UIs. Layout components decide the position and size of widgets,

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MalberS magic: locomotion

Earlier, I used the MalberS Animal Controller to make a corgi run through randomly chosen idle animations. Now let’s make the doggo walk around. This

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